Download ANZBAI Membership Application Form

Business meetings are held where speakers share their perspectives on business and correlations with Australia/New Zealand and India on various issues. Before and after each meeting, there are opportunities for networking with members and guests.

Periodic social gatherings are organised for members and their families, and there is an electronic ‘Bush Telegraph’ including upcoming events, available household staff/drivers, Australians/New Zealanders looking for employment in India, and services recommended by members. Members are particularly supportive towards newcomers to India, putting them in touch with people and services to ease the transition to a new country/location.

All ANZBAI office bearers are volunteers, so members are encouraged to actively participate by helping organise events and sponsorship, making suggestions and even joining the Board.

Significant and varied opportunities are available to sponsors.

Companies who have a demonstrable interest in the development of Australian/New Zealand and Indian business are welcome to join ANZBAI, as are Individuals who are citizens of Australia/New Zealand living in India. (All membership applications are subject to Committee approval.)

How to become a member

To apply for membership, please print off this form: ANZBAI Membership Application Form

Please read the form, fill in all sections and return by post or courier (if you are paying by cheque. Alternatively, if you are paying by bank transfer you can scan and email the form along with the transaction record to

Remembering to include the form, photos of those applying for memberships with their names clearly printed on the back of the photo, and a cheque drawn in favour of ANZBAI Mumbai to the address mentioned on the form

Membership Types:

  1. Corporate Members – branch/subsidiary/agent of Aust/NZ company or Indian organisation with branch/subsidiary or considerable business interests in Aust/NZ; can nominate up to 3 members
  2. Corporate Additional – to register more than three members
  3. Individual – Aust/NZ citizen or permanent resident
  4. Spouse/Partner – can be linked to all membership types 
Membership applications are subject to Committee approval.
  5. NGO Worker/Student